Baby Boomer Sex “Myth Busters” Survey

Boomers are having more sex than you think: 59 percent are having sex at least once a week.

Single boomers are increasingly turning to the match making sites or online dating services to meet new people: 20 percent cite the Internet as the best way to meet someone. Alas, introduction is the most preferred way say (68 percent) of us.

Boomers are adventurous and open to new sexual experiences: 86 percent would be open for something different or new. Boomers are now closer to their partners more so now than ever, and expect to the trend to continue as they get older: 57 percent responded that they feel very close.

Couples understand the importance of play time (outside the bedroom) as key to satisfying, fully rounded relationships: 84 percent spend time together as a couple having fun.

Menopause does not slow down boomer sexual activity: only 15 percent of women say menopause has affected their sex life "a lot."

After sex, most boomers want to keep the glow: 69 percent like to talk and hold each other after sex.

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