Being Over Sexy...On The Way Out?

Could talk of recession have caused a shift away from over-the-top opulence toward a simpler style? Ladylike fashions, elegant hair, and classic makeup ruled fall runways. And voila - Estee Lauder's new soft, universally appealing scent, Sensuous, launching this month, quite literally hits the trend on the nose. MSN asked two women tapped as faces of the fragrance and a few other style front liners what sexy means to them.

40s: Ladylike Looks Right

Fashion this season was polished, put together, and utterly grown-up, a trend that looks effortless on women over 40. Elizabeth Hurley, who at age 43 just took her first twirl in uberclassic designer Oscar de la Renta, is the perfect example. She's clearly enjoying the peace of mind and privilege that come with age. To hear her tell it, it's only after you've established yourself in your career, gotten married, had a baby, and swapped the safety-pinned, skin-baring Versace dress for a more modest and luxurious sari that the fun really begins.

50+: Keep It Classic

"Sensuality should be something that draws people in rather than something that jumps out at them," says Estere Lauder perfumer Karyn Khoury, who created Sensuous. "It's about draped rather than fitted fabric." The fall collection from Michael Kors exemplified this idea. Though they always reflect jet-set style, the clothes were more feminine and refined than ever this season. Backstage, makeup artist Dick Page created a look inspired by Hitchcock blondes, with just-bitten lips and dewy skin. "I used a bit of bronzer on cheeks and a soft rose crayon to stain the lips," he says. "It's very simple, elegant, and subdued; nothing is overdone." To get the stained look with lipstick, press a true red shade into lips using your fingertip rather than a brush. Ginger Malone is a frequent contributing writer to Red Headed Trip.

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