Jeff Goldblum

This fine actor brings his clever Air Sign persona to the stage and silver screen, and he is noted for the offbeat way he delivers his lines. Jeff often takes roles of intellectuals and scientists. Librans are independent at an early age, thanks to their Cardinal quality, and Jeff moved to New York City at 17 to take acting classes and audition for theater roles. Jeff achieved recognition as part of the ensemble cast in The Big Chill in 1983, a perfect part for a Libra team player. Jeff went on to star with his wife at the time, Geena Davis, in the horror movie The Fly, and his eccentric portrayal of the main character, a scientist, launched him into stardom. Jeff appeared in the blockbuster films Jurassic Park and Independence Day, and he starred on Broadway in Speed The Plow. Librans were made for love, thanks to Venus, their ruler, and Jeff has had a lot of ladies in his life. He was married twice and engaged two other times. In keeping with his Libra musical ability, Jeff is a talented jazz musician.

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