Heather Locklear

Beautiful Heather Locklear has dealt with challenging situations in life, and she has never given up or given in to her circumstances. Heather is a smart Air Sign native, and she knew better than to ignore her problem when she felt depressed in June of this year, so she sought help at a treatment center specializing in anxiety and depression. Heather first hit the public eye with her lovely Libra beauty in her role as Sammy Jo Dean in the hit 1980s TV series Dynasty. After that show ended, she found long-term employment in another popular show, Melrose Place. Librans love to be in love, and Heather was married to rockers Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora. Heather discovered she loved acting when she tried out for her high school cheerleading squad and was rejected. She then opted for the drama club and decided to pursue the profession as a career. Clever Librans always look for a solution to problems. Heather is currently dating Jack Wagner, her co-star on Melrose Place.

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