Baby boomers are really like sharks if we stop moving we DIE!

At, we invite you to start thinking about your opportunities as the baby boomer generation to travel and explore, to re-invent your careers, to nurture relationships, to give back to the community, to live life to the fullest. At they cover topics on the Baby Boomer Generation including articles on sex, music, tv, health, and anti-aging for this generation.

Baby Boomers are changing the way the world thinks about age, pushing through the social taboos of aging and the stereotypes around the limits of what can be accomplished as baby boomers or what we really want to accomplish being the baby boomer generation as we get older.

Most of us baby boomers will never retire, who wants to spend all their time in front of the tv?? It is a known fact people that have a daily reason, purpose or direction to get out of bed to accomplish something LIVE longer.

Baby boomers are REALLY like sharks if we stop moving we DIE!

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