Online Habits of Adults 50+

As one-third of the 195.3 million Internet users in the U.S., adults aged 50+ represent the Web's largest constituency (Jupiter Research).

2/3 of Americans age 50-64 use the Internet (SeniorNet).

Email is the most popular online activity among 50+ users, followed by web browsing, research, and shopping (ThirdAge and JWT Boom).

72 percent of baby boomers have broadband Internet in their homes (ThirdAge and JWT Boom).

Adults 50+ spend an average of $7 billion online annually (SeniorNet).

The Internet is the most important source of information for baby boomers when they make a major marketing purchase, such as automobiles or appliances (Zoomerang).

42% of all travel industry purchases happen online, and adults 50+ account for 80% of all luxury travel spending (Pew Internet and American Life Project).

82 percent of adults aged 50+ who use the Internet research health and wellness information online (Pew Internet and American Life Project).

By the end of 2007, the number of mature social networkers is expected to top 20 million (Deloitte).

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